Hello there.

My name is Matthew Seeley.

During the day, I am a software developer and product manager, primarily developing and managing complex software applications. I've been building / consulting / maintaining Desktop, Mobile, and Web products for about 10 years now, primarily with startups and small businesses, but occasionally for Fortune 500 companies too.

At night, I dive into interactive fiction / electronic storytelling, and urban planning / housing / transportation. I also play and collect video games -- far too many video games.

I'm from Grand Rapids, a small suburban city about 3 hours northeast of Chicago. I attended Grand Valley State University, and spent most of my time in their Information Systems and Philiosophy / Liberal Studies departments.

I have a fondness for adventure games, particularly ones with an emphasis on storytelling. (Spending most of my teenage years chasing ideas of full motion video and interactive stories in games is how I started in software in the first place). For people interested in these ideas, my favourite method of introducing it is with the game The Last Express. This title was written and designed by Jordan Mechner who, incidentally, is one my childhood heros. Jordan Mechner's Old Journals are well worth reading.

You are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter, although it's typically just a stream of bad jokes. I am also on GitHub, and Steam if that interests you.